Why sex with older women is better?

They say sex is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Researchers at the UCSD Medical Center have found that sexual satisfaction increases with age. In their studies, the youngest women and the oldest women reported the highest incidence of orgasm satisfaction.

Older women tend to know what they want in the bedroom. They’re confident are comfortable with their body. Moreover, here are some good reasons why sex with older women is better;

She Has A Lot Of Experience

She’s probably been divorced, widowed or has many years of being single. So simply by the fact of the years alone makes it possible that she’s had quite a number of partners. Therefore, she has had a lot of experience.

She Has A Lot Of Practice

She’s had a lot of years of practice. She had many hours of practicing and learning things she likes and what she thinks she doesn’t like. Those memories are implanted in her brain whether they’re good or bad and have shaped the kind of sexual person she today.

She Knows What She Wants

Older women have many years of experience, they’ve had multiple partners and they’ve also self-pleasure and have become very self aware of their body. They know what they like and what they don’t like and they will communicate that with their lover. They talk to their men and they’re not afraid of asking them what they want because they really want to please their men.

She Enjoys Sex

Older women enjoy sex as much as their younger partner, without any hidden agendas. An older woman doesn’t have any delusions of marriage. Hooking up can purely be about sex and nothing else. That takes the pressure off the guy when there’s sex with no obligation.

She Knows The Importance Of Sex In a Relationship

An older woman realizes the importance of sex in a relationship and her psychological well-being. She may have been in a marriage with little or no sex, but it is very important to her to have a good sexual relationship with her partner.

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