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A Guide To Having Safe Anal Sex

Anal is slang for sex play that involves the anus and/or rectum. Anal sex generally refers to anal intercourse when a person puts their penis into another person’s anus. Anal sex is no longer a taboo. Many couples choose to partake in it and some couples choose not to. But

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How to Break up with your girlfriend?

Do you ever sit there and wonder why 90% of the world’s population hates their ex? Most of the time it’s because the way they broke up in the first place. When we get in relationships that just ultimately don’t end up working out, it really hurts us, even if

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Why sex with older women is better?

They say sex is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Researchers at the UCSD Medical Center have found that sexual satisfaction increases with age. In their studies, the youngest women and the oldest women reported the highest incidence of orgasm satisfaction. Older women tend to know what

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