How to Break up with your girlfriend?

Do you ever sit there and wonder why 90% of the world’s population hates their ex? Most of the time it’s because the way they broke up in the first place.

When we get in relationships that just ultimately don’t end up working out, it really hurts us, even if you are the person that is breaking up with someone.

If you would like to know how to break up with your girlfriend like a man or want to exit your relationship with class, read on;

Do It In Person

When you’re breaking up with someone, you should always do it in person. Never break up with your girl over the phone or text messages. There are two reasons; first, she is more likely to take things the wrong way and second, it makes you look careless. In this way, you never know the tone of the person and you never know their attitude.

Tell Your Reason

When you’re breaking up with somebody, you need to have a reason and you need to tell the truth. Don’t make up for excuses. If you’re the real person you claim to be, at least act like it. While you want to be honest with your feelings, you don’t want to break a girl’s heart by being too honest about it. Your entire goal when you’re breaking up with someone is to hopefully get your message across.

Don’t Give Her False Hopes

When doing the deed, do not leave her with any lingering hope that you may come back. If you know she’s not for you, be straight up and tell her. Give her space and don’t be her shoulder to cry on. It could be hard to feel like the bad guy and even though you’ve broken up with her and you still cared for her, you can’t be her ex and her support system. She has friends, so let her use them. She’s going to have to learn to live without you. If you keep comforting her, she may think that you still want to be with her.

Always remember that time heals a heavy heart. As humans, we’re put on this earth to grow. Even though you’re experiencing this breakup and it hurts, you’ll get through this.

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